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My base has, until something called COVID-19 came along, always been London, where I grew up and where I’ve worked as a Digital Editor and travel writer.

At the moment I’m taking a break from London, I’m down on the Dorset-Somerset border in a village called Henstridge. We’ve visited every nearby National Trust and English Heritage site at least ten times over, that’s how long we’ve had a house down here – but I’m glad to have the countryside on my doorstep. Evening walks among goldfinches, sparrows, woodpeckers and not forgetting the wood pigeons. For now I am content.

Something that never goes away though… itching to plan the next trip, the desire to find myself in the middle of an unfamiliar city or untamed wilderness, exploring it like any local would.

Growing up I travelled all over Europe with my family – punctuated by the odd trip here and there to Asia and Africa. Car journeys that took days to Poland, former Czechoslovakia and across southern Spain and Morocco. Stormy sea crossings to Norway, Sweden and Finland and weeks spent traversing the Pyrenees, the Alps and the majestic Atlas Mountains. Not forgetting many bustling, beautiful cities!

Recent years I’ve voyaged out to some magnificent destinations including Iceland, Ecuador, Marrakech, Croatia, Stockholm and stops across Italy from Naples and Rome to the island of Ischia.

In 2018 I survived hot Hong Kong and scorching Japan, before experiencing the biggest challenge of my life, dealing with the loss of my uncle Ray to suicide. It has taken a long time to bring myself back on here. I had more important things to consider.

But here I am!

A year on from the loss, me and my mum and bro went somewhere Ray would have found to be a kind of heaven: Canada and Alaska. Spotting majestic humpbacks from our ferry as the sun set on our way to Alaska was an experience we’ll all treasure, followed closely behind by killer whales frolicking in Alaskan waters at the Seward Peninsula. And learning more about First Nation history was very special too.

This year, I actually didn’t have many trips planned, I wanted to save up my pennies for 2021. I did however take myself away on a Scottish adventure in September through to early October. Inverness, The Cairngorms, Orkney, Shetland, Skye, Lewis & Harris. Remote and out of the way. Peaceful and wild.

I hope that my travels will inspire your own.

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