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Claire Carter’s radio show

BBC Radio Somerset, 18.03.22. I was interviewed on Claire Carter’s breakfast show for BBC Radio Somerset (link expires 16.04) about the easing of travel restrictions and top travel destinations. I’m also on the producers’ books at BBC Radio Wales & BBC Radio Northern Ireland.

Photographer, winner of the Sunday Times Big Shot competition, 31 Jan 2021 screengrab showing my museums piece
Writer, for Singapore Airlines: 2021 museum openings around the world worth planning future holidays around, January 2021
Times website screengrab showing my contribution
Contributor, The Times: The best of the our readers’ postcards, May 2020
N Magazine February 2020 issue, featuring Seattle
Writer, Flying to…Seattle, N by Norwegian magazine, February 2020
Selamta January-February 2020 issue featuring a profile of artist Elias Sime
Writer, Elias Sime artist profile, Selamta for Ethiopian Airlines, January-February 2020
Selamta January-February 2020 issue featuring Galway
Writer, Galway European Capital of Culture news, Selamta for Ethiopian Airlines, January-February 2020
N Magazine December 2019 issue featuring Málaga
Writer, Flying to…Málaga, N by Norwegian magazine, December 2019
N Magazine July 2019 issue featuring Milan
Writer, Flying to…Milan, N by Norwegian magazine, July 2019
N Magazine December 2018 issue featuring Aalborg
Writer, Flying to…Aalborg, N by Norwegian magazine, December 2018
Writer, Flying to…Billund, N by Norwegian magazine, October 2018
Screenshot of The Guardian website Books Blog
Contributing photographer, The Guardian Book Blog, February 2018
Time Out reader issue from November 2017
Contributing photographer, Time Out London, November 2017
Food reviewer, Time Out London, 2016
Tile showing the cover of the book The First World War A-Z
Contributing writer to The First World War A-Z, an Imperial War Museums
publication, 2014

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