Travel the music world

A view of Cotopaxi volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes

A view of Cotopaxi volcano

The clocks have gone back. An extra hour in bed was good while it lasted, but pretty soon winter will properly set in and sunshine will seem like a distant memory.

With my next pay cheques already spent on Christmas presents and nothing left in the piggy bank, hopes of a new year spent on the banks of the river Ganges are dashed. So I’ve decided there’s only one thing for it – pretend.

I’ve spent hours carefully creating my Travel the music world playlist on Spotify, with over 100 awesome songs, from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Papa Kourand, The Beach Boys to Beirut and a bit of All Saints for good measure (seriously). If like me you’re saving all your pennies up, have a listen and let the music, not your wallet, take you to far flung places. You might even get some inspiration for your next adventure.

Happy listening!

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An insatiable appetite for travel.

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