New in London: the Bloomberg SPACE

Another View from Nowhen by Isabel Nolan at the Bloomberg SPACE
Another View from Nowhen by Isabel Nolan at the Bloomberg SPACE

It opened back in November so if you’re eagle eyed you’ll have beaten me to it but I visited London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE last weekend and I left seriously impressed. When even the loos are remarkable, you know you’re onto something.

Part contemporary art space and part reconstructed Roman temple, there’s a lot more to this place than appears on entering, starting with the beautifully displayed excavated Roman artefacts that you can explore via tablets (of the Samsung, not ancient, variety).

Walking literally down through history, you’ll hear the soothing sounds of Joanna Lumley introducing experts as you wait for the transfixing experience of the temple’s big reveal – the details of which I won’t spoil!

The 2,000 year old Roman temple was dedicated to the god Mithras who had a mysterious cult following and archaeologists uncovered it in the 1950s.

It was moved off site, but with the building and recent reopening of Bloomberg’s European headquarters on Walbrook street (the world’s most sustainable office), the temple has been returned to almost exactly the same space it occupied in the 3rd century AD.

It’s absolutely wonderful. And, guess what, it’s free! Make sure you book your tickets before everyone gets the memo.

Excavation finds from the Temple of Mithras
The ruins of the Temple of Mithras on display at the Bloomberg SPACE

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