WiFi at 30,000 feet

The sky between the UK and Scandinavia

I haven’t posted in a while. Wedded to the new job and all that.

What has spurred me to get back to writing? I suppose you could say altitude has!

I’m writing this to you from seat 8A on SAS flight SK526, heading to Stockholm where I will change planes and continue on to Hong Kong and Japan.

Having never visited these mighty destinations before, I’m excited for what the next 18 days have in store.

Daytime flights in the sunshine are without doubt the best way to fly, and I could be forgiven for wanting only to spend the flight gazing out of the window.

However, like everyone else with a smart phone (that would be 1.91 billion of us), I’m on it far too much and it would be inconceivable on a flight to let it run out of battery and not use it for music, browsing apps or even writing lists to pass the time (it’s a great time waster if you haven’t tried it!)

Is that a bad thing? Should I spend more time looking away from my screen?


With on board WiFi (and a window seat) I’m finding it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

So far we’ve flown over a patchwork pattern of Greater London towns, yachts frolicking in the sunny sea, wind farms, mere specks in the distance, and perhaps even orderly oil rigs. And now a glut of coastlines, sandy beaches and puzzle piece archipelago islands. Glorious!

Not only am I enjoying seeing it all with my own eyes, I get to share the view with others too. The best of both worlds, you could say.

So wherever you are and whatever device you’re reading this on, happy travels from up high!

View over south west London

Wind farm off the coast of Norway

The Scandinavian coast line

Flying to Stockholm

Islands off the coast of Norway

Beautiful clouds over Sweden

Forests outside Stockholm

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