Stockholm’s beauty

Rosendals Trädgård biodynamic farm

Stockholm is easily one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Made up of 14 islands, and surrounded by an archipelago of thousands more, the world-class museums, parks and activities mean you’ll never be short of things to do.

Find Stockholm’s beauty everywhere you go with my top five recommendations:

1. Djurgården island

Of central Stockholm’s 14 islands, Djurgården is the loveliest, and it also packs serious cultural clout, housing the famous Vasa museum and the world’s oldest open air museum, Skansen. For something less touristy visit the Prins Eugens Waldermarsudde house for pretty as a picture interiors and a peek at the prince’s art collection. Stroll around biodynamic farm Rosendals Trädgård and discover lovingly kept vegetable fields, rose and flower gardens, and go for lunch in the greenhouse café, serving produce from the farm.

Rosendals-crops 400x266

2. Moderna Museet

Stockholm’s museums put other cities to shame, and for constantly world-class offerings, head straight to the Moderna Museet. Recent shows have featured the fabulous Japanese artist Yayoi Kasuma, Olafur Eliasson and Georg Baselitz among others. Go before 21st May for performance artist Marina Abramović’s show The Cleaner.

The Yayoi Kasuma show at the Moderna Museet

3. Cinnamon buns at Fabrique

The city wouldn’t be the same without wafts of cinnamon and other majestic spices hovering around its bakeries. The consensus as to who makes the best cinnamon buns in town is an easy one – Fabrique! There are currently 16 branches across Stockholm, make a beeline for bustling Drottninggatan, or stop by in historic Gamla Stan.

Cinnamon and cardomom buns at Fabrique

4. Utö island

Ok, so of all the thousands of islands that make up Stockholm’s archipelago, there are easier ones to reach than Utö, but this 13km long beauty is big enough that you could spend the whole day on it and not get bored. Rent bikes and cruise through woods and round lakes as you seek out the island’s windmill and beaches or take life at a more tranquil pace and take a stroll via the island bakery. Travelling is about the journey and the 55 minute ferry trip to and from the island is almost worth it alone.

Utö island

Travelling at sunset back through the archipelago

5. Gamla Stan’s main square

Historic Gamla Stan is rightfully a magnet for all first time visitors, and with beautiful buildings like these, it’s no wonder. Pick up a Dala wooden horse (or pretty much anything you could want, embossed with horses) from the Wooden Horse Museum and shop, Runstenen. Boff up on the history of the Nobel Prize in Stortorget square (free Tuesday evenings) or watch life go by from the comfort of Chokladkoppen with a kaffe.


The colourful buildings in Gamla Stan

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