Eat for less in Stockholm

Radish light at the Fotografiska Bar and Cafe in Stockholm

Stockholm, like the rest of Scandinavia, is really expensive, isn’t it? Well, no, it doesn’t have to be!

Fresh from a long weekend in Stockholm, I’ve researched (eaten) some of the best food on offer in Stockholm right now, and none of it breaks the bank.

Read on for my top 5 places in Stockholm for great food at pocket money prices.

A double cheese falafel pita from Falafelbaren

Fabulous falafel

Prepare to stuff yourself silly with the best falafel in Stockholm.

Falafelbaren offer plenty of ways to enjoy falafel, but the ultimate choice has to be the gut-busting falafel-zilla that is the ‘Double Cheese’ pita, crammed with freshly-made falafel, goat’s cheese, a thick wedge of halloumi and a moreish mix of pickles and red cabbage, hummus and saucy salad.

They also make their own delicious baklava, sold in great big squares, perfect for sharing with no-one…

How much? Double Cheese pita 85kr (£7.70), baklava 25kr (£2.50), organic juice 35kr (£3.15).

Where? Falafelbaren, Hornsgaten 39, 118 49.

A table of tacos, tostadas and chips at La Neta Mexican restaurant
© La Neta

The hottest tacos in town

Stockholm isn’t famed for its Mexican food and, believe me, I’ve eaten my worse ever burrito there (you can keep your gross slaw, Zócalo).

But taqueria La Neta atones for the sins of others with its cool vibe and a menu of tacos and quesadillas worth guzzling in full.

There are plenty of carnivorous fillings – try the Choriqueso quesadilla – but also lots of veggie choices from frijole beans to pumpkin flowers. The freshly-made green sauce is addictive, or test your mettle with tree chilli.

How much? Five tacos for 95kr (£8.60) or mix and match from 22-52kr (£2-£4.60) per item.

Where? La Neta Barnhusgatan 2, 111 23 or Östgötagatan 12B, 116 25.

Cinnamon bun and mocha at Fabrique in Stockholm
Semla bun in Vete-Katten in Stockholm

The art of Fika

A Swedish favourite pastime, particularly in the afternoon. It’s simply the act of having coffee and cake but it’s more than that in reality – it’s something Swedes make time for.

Head to Fabrique and have that kanelbulle (cinnamon bun) you know you want, or give a kardemummabullar (cardamom bun) a go.

Or, if you’re lucky enough to be in Stockholm before Easter, gorge on semla buns in Vete-Katten, a café that’s been open since the 1920s. Go for vanilla for a gorgeous bun packed with vanilla bean-flecked custard and cream.

How much? A cinnamon bun and coffee at Fabrique, 31kr (£2.80) and 44kr (£3.95) / large Semla bun at Vete-Katten, 46kr (£4.15).

Where? Fabrique has locations all over the city / Vete-Katten, Kungsgatan 55, 111 22.

An Alpine hot dog at Östermalms Korvarspecialist

Get your hotdogs!

Scandinavians love their hot dogs and, at hotdog stand Östermalms Korvarspecialist, they don’t come much better, or more varied.

There are 28 different types to try, from Polish, Alpine and vegetarian to Italian and Turkish, large, small and double.

Try the Alpenwurst – a meaty sausage with sauerkraut, salad and special sauce in a soft, toasty ‘baguette’ or a normal bun.

How much? A simple hot dog is 25kr (£2.20) or the Alpenwurst is 60kr (£5.40).

Where? Östermalms Korvarspecialist, Nybrogatan 55, 114 44

A fried herring burger with onions

Fried fish for under a fiver

Visit Nystekt Strömming and order the fried herring burger (strömming hambugare), dressed with pickled onion, slaw, special sauce and lettuce. I’m not the world’s biggest advocate of herring but the Scandinavians swear by it, and there’s no better, cheaper place to try it for yourself, tiny bones and all.

How much? The herring hambugare, 55kr (£4.93).

Where? Nystekt Strömming, Södermalmstorg 1, 116 46.

Know somewhere else in Stockholm with great food at great prices? Let me know and I’ll try it out next time!

You can also read my post about beautiful things to do in Stockholm.

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