Look out London: The Photographers’ Gallery

New York by Wim Wenders

Tucked away down Ramillies Street on the edge of Oxford Street, The Photographers’ Gallery is London’s best showcase for photographic talent. That is, until stiff competition arrives from Stockholm’s Fotografiska.

As shoppers jam past each other on the streets outside, a special kind of jostling takes place in this Mecca to photography, as necks crane to see what’s on display.

What’s the big deal?

The last show I went to see there was Polaroids by film director Wim Wenders. It was everything a great Photographers’ Gallery show delivers well – multiple galleries of work from a fascinating auteur, behind the scenes insight and a chance to get lost in someone else’s world. There is always something to discover, something that delights.

‘Taking polaroids was the act of making an instant memory’

The best bits?

If you go before midday any day of the week, it’s completely free and only £2/£4 any other time.

I said it’s a Mecca and I wasn’t kidding. Bring along a camera and let the work of brilliant photographers inspire you to get snappy. I ended up looking down more than I looked up:

A pair of Kickers in the Photographer's Gallery in London
Old school shoes in the Photographer's Gallery in London

Group of shoes in the Photographer’s Gallery in London

What’s on now?

On until 3rd June – two 4 star shows and some bloke called Grayson Perry:

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize

Under Cover: A Secret History Of Cross – Dressers

Grayson Perry’s Photo Album

The gallery is a destination in its own right, boasting a bustling shop with easily 100 types of film on its shelves and a Café that you can while away in.

Happy snapping!

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